Many centuries ago Plato said that: “The part can never be well unless the whole is well…This is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that the physicians separate the soul from the body.” Several centuries later William Blake gave us this insight: “Man has no body distinct from his soul; for that called body is a portion of soul discerned by the five senses, the chief inlets of soul in this age.”

Today, modern people may view these insights as old-fashioned and incongruous with the great scientific and technological advances of our age. However, as more evidence mounts of the devastating effect human activity has had on our natural environment, we are beginning to turn our attention to older philosophies and beliefs that embraced a greater connection and harmony with nature – the belief that the human body, mind and spirit are somehow connected with nature in ways that are still a mystery to us.

Ancient Taoism held the view that the universe, earth and humanity are united as one, and whatever happens to one, happens also to the others. The unifying principle is the concept of yin and yang – the two opposite and complementary energies that create, maintain and regulate all life.

According to this ancient view, life is created when yin and yang become one. Think of how you were conceived, when your father’s yang and your mother’s yin energies joined as one. The conception of the universe, likewise, took place when the two opposite positive and negative energies crashed against each other, creating a massive explosion from which light and sound came into being.

Light and sound are the fundamental elements of life and the building blocks of the material world. Body, mind, spirit, as well as all the material things we use in our everyday lives, are essentially, light and sound (frequency and vibration).

The human body connects with the energies of the universe and the earth through a network of energy channels that supply energy to all organs and systems (particularly the immune system) to keep us alive and healthy. The energy from the sun, moon, earth (food), water and air support and maintain human life.

The ancient Taoist practice of Qi Energy training made use of this understanding by developing a method to keep all the energy channels in the body opened to receive energy from the universe and the earth for health, vitality and longevity. The human body, just like your car and your computer, cannot work without a source of energy.

Many of today’s diseases are caused by a shortage of vital Qi energy. This shortage is caused by blockages along the energy channels preventing the proper circulation of energy, which in turn, starves the organs and cells of energy, impairing the body’s vital functions. Many chronic and degenerative diseases have their root in the body’s inability to receive and circulate energy.

However, not only physical illnesses, but also stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, digestive and hormonal disturbances, migraine headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain are symptoms of energy blockages and a deficiency of vital energy.   

We usually think of physical and mental illnesses as being separate, and thus, requiring different healing approaches. We think, for instance, that a person suffering from depression should be treated in a different way from someone suffering from, say, arthritis. The separation of body and mind, which is so deeply ingrained in western culture, has resulted in very different ways of treating ailments that have essentially the same foundation.

Many diseases have their root in the mind; in the way we think, feel and perceive the world around us. The connection between body and mind happens through the energy system, i.e., every thought, feeling and emotion is transmitted to the body via the energy system. Energy blockages are primarily caused by negative emotions and a lack of harmony within oneself and with others. The artificial separation of body and mind has given us the illusion that one can be healed without the other.

This compartmentalization not only reduces our ability to effectively address the cause of illness, but also to heal ourselves. The human body has the innate capacity to heal itself because this is how nature designed it. Given the correct methodand the raw material that creates and supports life, we can heal ourselves. Light, sound and Qi energy are the raw materials that create and support life.

We can recover our health and wellbeing by regaining our connection with nature and tapping into its life-giving source, which is Qi energy. Qi energy treatment and Qi energy training are two methods that do just that. Qi energy treatments use acupressure and a particular sound vibration applied by the practitioner (Qi Master) to open energy blockages, remove negative energy and recharge the body with vital Qi energy to relieve stress, pain and fatigue. They are fast and effective, and many thousands of people have been helped by this simple healing method.

Qi training is designed for long-term health and to address the root cause of illness or mental disturbance. They consist of sound and breathing techniques to open energy channels, slow movements to circulate energy, and meditation to calm and settle the mind. The meditation is particularly effective in helping people to see deep into their minds to find the source of ill health or disharmony in their lives.

Qi training is deeply rooted in the laws of nature and the principles that create and maintain life. At its most fundamental level is the notion that life is created by the union of the yin and yang energies, and maintained by the harmony of yin and yang. The balance and harmony of these two energies not only support human health but also environmental health. Everything in the universe and the earth is created and maintained by the union and harmony of yin and yang.

The union of the yin and yang energies brings balance and harmony to body and mind, and restores the body’s ability to heal itself. When the positive (yang) polarity and the negative (yin) polarity are unified and harmonized, the body starts to make vital energy, just like a light bulb makes light by the union of the negative and positive poles. And this is the essential difference about Qi training – it is not a method to receive energy but to make energy.

All things in nature are connected, and for human beings the strongest connection is with the ones who have given life to us. When we are conceived we inherit our parents’ energy constitution, which they, in turn, inherited from their parents. We may be born with inherited energy blockages passed down from previous generations, which over time may develop as physical and mental illnesses. Our energy system carries the blueprint of our ancestors’ lives, and Qi training addresses this fundamental but poorly understood aspect of human health. This is a powerful healing method that has helped many people regain their health and change their lives.

Qi treatment and training are given by highly trained Qi Masters who were trained in South Korea according to ancient Taoist principles of energy healing. They dedicate their lives to helping others achieve inner and outer harmony to live healthy and happy lives.