Self-healing, like any other art, requires knowledge and effort. It is not something that happens by chance or to a few “lucky” ones. To practice an art well we need discipline, concentration (focus), patience and commitment. Of these, discipline is the most important and the most difficult to practice. Although it may appear that discipline plays a major part in our lives given that we need to spend many hours a day in a highly disciplined work environment, self-discipline is, in fact, rare to find nowadays. In opposition to the mechanization of life, we want to have the “freedom” to be in control to do what we want and the way we want it. This “freedom” has largely eroded self-discipline while giving us the false impression that we are doing what we want.


Concentration means being able to be with oneself without the distractions of the outside world. Concentration, like discipline, is rare in today’s world, which can be seen in the difficulty people have in being still. Our senses need to be engaged in some activity, be it thinking, talking, listening, watching, reading, eating or smoking. To sit still without “doing” anything can make us feel guilty and a waste of precious time.


Patience, needless to say, is crucial to mastering any art. It can take years to learn to do something well, but just like discipline and concentration, it goes against the trend of the times. Nowadays, everything needs to be done quickly; the quicker, the better. Efficiency is measured according to how quickly results can be produced, and quantity usually surpasses quality.


Commitment is also a rare commodity, and it means that unless something is extremely important to us, we wouldn’t commit ourselves to it. It has to bring us rewards and some compensation for the time and effort invested, as when we commit ourselves to a relationship we expect the same commitment back. A “one-way” commitment without expecting something back goes against our emotional and physical needs.


So how do we develop the art of self-healing given that discipline, concentration, patience and commitment are uncommon in today’s world? Mostly, they cannot be imposed on us from the outside but must be an expression of our own will. For that, health must become the most important thing in one’s life. But unfortunately that is not usually the case. Health only becomes the most important thing in our lives when we lose it, and are then forced to recover it. This forced imposition; this something that “comes upon us” unexpectedly is what makes it difficult to practice the art of self-healing because for that, we need to look deep within, to the source of ill health, and not to the outside for a cure. We must enter into a relationship with ourselves that may feel unfamiliar and a little uncomfortable, as we confront aspects of ourselves that we may prefer to lay dormant and unseen.


But mostly, we need to define what health is. For many people it is no more than the freedom to do what they want, when they want it and how they want it. It is the ability to spend one’s life energy earning a living, enjoying the company of loved ones and not missing out on life’s gifts. However, another definition of health may simply mean knowing one’s true self, growing in self-acceptance and understanding of what it means to be a human being and the true meaning of life. Sometimes we may come to this understanding without the body being fully healthy.


The recovery of one’s health according to the latter definition is a journey rather than an end in itself. The discipline, the concentration, the patience and commitment become the meaning rather than the means to health. Their absence in our lives may, in some ways, be responsible for ill health. The discipline to know ourselves, the concentration to be at one with ourselves, the patience to follow life’s own rhythm, and the commitment to truth above all else may be the key to health. The development of these qualities requires faith and trust. Faith in oneself and trust in the method used – the method being the means by which we acquire these qualities.


Faith in oneself implies the belief that one is capable of healing oneself, but this belief is almost extinct in modern society. We have relinquished the responsibility to heal ourselves to others, and have relied almost exclusively on an outside agent to do the cure for us. This only works to a certain point because no external means can ever replace our “inner knowledge”. The human body has the capacity to heal itself because that is how nature designed it.


However, nature itself has also become sick as a result of humanity’s inability to understand and follow its laws, and we, being a part of nature, are losing the ability to heal ourselves. Many of today’s diseases are caused by a shortage of vital energy created by the breakdown of our natural environment.


In order to regain the ability to heal ourselves we need to understand the laws of nature and the principles that create and control life. The foundation of all life comes from the union and harmony of the yin and yang energies – the two opposing forces that unite to create life.


At conception when we receive our father’s yang and mother’s yin energies, a finite quota of vital energy is created in our bodies, which should last to the end of our lives. This is the energy that supports all the body’s vital functions, and makes our hearts beat and our lungs breathe in and out. It circulates in our bodies through a network of energy channels that carries it to every cell and organ to keep them functioning properly. However, when there are energy blockages along the energy pathways, the energy cannot flow properly, and the organs are eventually starved of energy, which sets in motion the disease process.


In order to reverse this trend we need to find a method that can restore the body’s proper circulation of energy and recharge it with vital energy. A 6000-year-old method with deep Taoist roots and the principles that create life, goes a long way towards that goal. Life is created when the yin and yang energies come together and become one, and this is what makes vital energy. In the human body there are hundreds of energy channels that connect with the energy coming from the universe and the earth, and they meet just below the navel – this being the place of conception where the yin and yang energies meet. The energy coming from the universe is the yang (+) polarity and the energy coming from the earth is the yin (-) polarity. When these two energies flow freely throughout the body, there is always sufficient vital energy to meet all of the body’s requirements.


However, energy blockages obstruct the flow of energy and interfere with the body’s ability to receive energy to maintain its vital functions. Energy blockages are primarily caused by a discordant state of mind, i.e., whenever we become stressed, angry, anxious, worried, fearful or depressed, we block the flow of energy in our bodies. 


But the Western world has largely separated body and mind, and believes that disease is a physical problem with a physical cause and can only be solved by physical means. In this respect, whether one is following a conventional form of treatment or an alternative one is almost immaterial, unless all the aspects of the human being are taken into account. The mind plays a vital role in self-healing, and according to its state, the body can either recover or further degenerate.


Modern people’s lives have become so complex that makes it very difficult to find the cause of ill health in the deep recesses of our minds. The ability to fully know ourselves has been seriously hampered by so much bombardment of the physical senses. Our inner world has become a barren and unknown territory and a stranger to us, and our self-knowledge rarely extends beyond our immediate social environment and familiar interactions. Many people are carrying a tremendous amount of unresolved issues that create shadows in the mind and prevent the body from healing.


However, as energy is not material, it does not differentiate between body and mind and has the potential to heal both if we are tapping into the right kind of energy. There are many different kinds of energy in the universe and the earth, and some of these energies are beneficial and others harmful to the human being.


The ancient art of Qi Energy on which the Jung Shim approach is based, restores the body’s ability to make vital energy because it taps into the original light and sound frequencies that create life. The physical universe came into being as a result of a massive explosion from which light and sound came into being. These original light and sound frequencies still exist in the universe, and once the body taps into those frequencies, it starts to make vital Qi energy. It is like tapping into the cradle of life.


This method also heals the energy we have inherited from our ancestors, which can also be the cause of ill health. As we are conceived by our parents’ energy, who in turn received it from their parents and so on, we are born with inherited energy blockages, which over time, can develop into physical or mental illnesses. These inherited energy blockages permanently block the flow of energy in the body making it very difficult to heal. Diseases that have been caused by an inherited weakness from ancestors are generally the most difficult to treat by conventional methods. Unlike what people may vaguely believe, life does not end at death, as the energy of the human being lives on forever, and when we are conceived, we receive this blueprint from our ancestors. This is a very complex issue that cannot be thoroughly covered in this blog, suffice it to say that our ancestors are our roots and we are deeply connected with them in terms of energy.


A human being is a totality of body, mind and spirit and all three need to be healed in order to fully regain the capacity to live a life in harmony with nature and each other. We cannot hope to heal nature until each human being is regenerated in body, mind and spirit. To understand and live by the laws of nature, and to understand the purpose of human existence is a quest that more and more people are turning to, as they begin to realise that humanity’s future is very uncertain unless we restore some sense of harmony with planet Earth – the living organism that supports our lives. But that harmony is to be found first in each and every one of us.